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Do you have a business?

Then your business definitely needs a podcast.

Do you want to strengthen trust and credibility with both current and future customers?

Then your business definitely needs a podcast.


This show explores the world of using a podcast for business and lead-generation, and examines the common myths and questions that would-be podcasters always have.

Don't even consider starting up a business without factoring in plans to include a podcast as part of your marketing strategy.

A podcast is a brilliant way of transforming your brand into an online influencer, and this podcast gives you some nice tips on how to get started with doing that!

After listening to this show, you'll be sure of one thing - that without a doubt, your business needs a podcast!

Podcast marketing is the most effective way for you and your business to spread your marketing messages as far as possible using organic campaigns.

2021 is going to see an explosion in big brands and small business owners getting their podcasting on.

Make sure you're not caught up in the rubble!

Your Business Needs A Podcast is a Podknows Podcasting network show.

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Aug 10, 2020

So if you've been listening to the previous episodes, you've probably felt ready to record your first episode. So, if that's you, let me help you get your podcast out there, finding its audience, but the correct way, not the quick and dodgy way.

We talk about (usually) Indian based 'podcast promoters', and catch an actual podcast promoter in a lie. His name has been spared to protect the guilty.

There's some "lovely listener feedback from an international listener!"

The surprising podcast is all about aviation! Check out Woodrow Bellamy (THE THIRD)s silken tones!